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Cityside announces Richmond newsroom hires

May 22, 2024

Oaklandside Editors

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Building a new model for local news

Trusted, independent local journalism has never been more important, yet the resources for strong civic reporting are in ever shorter supply. Cityside is determined to change that dynamic.

As a nonpartisan, nonprofit media organization committed to building community, we offer a model for sustainable local journalism that fosters civic engagement, enriches people’s lives and contributes to a healthy democracy.

Civic-minded local journalism
  • Trustworthy, informative reporting
  • Coverage that spurs engagement
  • Journalists who hold institutions to account
  • Reporting that helps locals enjoy their city
  • An open dialogue with readers
Helping underserved communities
  • Stories that reflect the diversity of our cities
  • Articles that reshape harmful narratives
  • Reporting that amplifies local voices
  • Commitment to driving important conversations
  • Partnerships with local organizations

We believe access to local news is a right, not a privilege. That’s why Cityside’s work is free to everyone. The generosity of our donors, members, sponsors, and funders makes this possible.

Expanding our local news model at an unprecedented time.

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